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  • 35 Notion pages and 100+ Anki flashcards.
  • 20 practical examples.
  • This includes every concept you need to know in order to master TypeScript.
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    When purchasing, you will get a Notion website. You can either learn in the browser or download Notion and duplicate the content. You can get Notion here, it is free ! Notion is an incredbile Notetaking app millions of people use all around the world.

    You will also find an .apkg file. You can simply import this file into your Anki App. It is free on almost any OS, you can get it here. Anki is an incredible flashcard app that uses advanced algorithms to make learning as efficient as possible.


Become a top developer.



Detailed Notes for the language TypeScript.

  • 35 Notion Pages
  • 20+ real-world examples



Detailed Notes and extensive Flashcards for TypeScript.

  • 35 Notion Pages
  • 100+ Anki Flashcards
  • 20+ real-world examples



Extensive Flashcards for the language TypeScript.

  • 100+ Anki Flashcards
  • 20+ real-world examples


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