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" The notes and flashcards are really helpful and I am sure they will be a big help to a lot of people. "

Samar Ali, Full-Stack Developer and CEO

CodingNotes is all about understanding programming with detailed notes which include explanations, code snippets and graphics.

To train these things, we use flashcards that make concepts stick.

  • The fundamentals of the Web !

    HTML is the language every web developer uses. Learn the foundation of web development with the right technique.

    • 70 + pages
    • 500 + flashcards
    • 40 + visuals
    • 25 + pratical practice questions

Want to stay productive while learning ? Why not try some ?

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Or maybe adding a new or a new would be cool ...

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What CodingNotes means to others

Rhymer EspinosaThe Notion Template is a huge help. Congrats on the launch @vimfinn and team!.
TatiI am a huge fan of flashcards and this is a very cool idea!
Sheena EsguerraNice!! This will definitely come in handy with my learning.

" Just bought the notes and flashcards and I am excited to use them to learn coding. "


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